What is bitcoin?

It is a decentralized digital currency that can be purchased on the Internet. This method of payment in casinos is not a virtual invention.

It gives users the option of paying for services provided on the Internet without the involvement of intermediaries. This solution is not supported by banks or other financial institutions.

Nevertheless, it allows for seamless transactions with realistically existing companies that have accepted this form of payment. This is particularly important for large transactions where really large sums are involved. It is also important that using this virtual currency we remain completely anonymous.

How can you get bitcoins?

First of all, this currency can be obtained just like in the currency exchange office. We exchange euro or dollars for the right amount of bitcoins and that’s all. It is important, however, that private individuals and companies have a different way of obtaining them. They come to us when we decide to sell our goods or services. Interestingly, mining can be helpful in obtaining this unique currency, where users can exchange the cryptocurrency into 25 bitcoins.

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What can we mention bitcoins for?

Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for bitcoins via online currency exchange offices. These websites allow their users to sell and buy bitcoins in exchange for other currencies in force in the country. The whole process is somewhat like a stock market game, because we have similar functions at our disposal. We can buy both bitcoins and sell.

Bid and stock offer work similarly as during financier operations.

The first one means the highest price for which we decide to buy bitcoins. This is the value that we are not going to exceed during this transaction. The offered price is an offer in relation to the person who owns bitcoins. This, in turn, may agree to enter into an interest for such an amount or not to agree to it. Then, in a way, the services provided by the seller of bitcoins are taken into consideration.

The most known and appreciated player in exchange of bitcoins for cash was Mt.Gox stationed in Tokyo in 2010-2014. However, the company suspended its commercial activities when it came to light that 850,000 Bitcoins had disappeared from it.

After the largest player in the market has so far fallen, other companies took its place.

The most important of them are Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitcoin Source, Kraken, BTC-e and Cryptsy.

Most cantors or stock exchanges on which bitcoins are exchanged accepted the dollar as the currency for which bitcoins are mentioned. This does not mean that the American currency is the only one in force when conducting these transactions. Cryptsy offers to its users to get bitcoins in exchange for exchanging them for one of the hundred different currencies available there.

Which companies accept payment with bitcoins today?

At the moment, companies that accept bitcoins as a form of payment are scarce. Fortunately, their number increases year by year. Although the form of payment most often used by large corporations is PayPal, there are more and more such brands that have decided to accept bitcoins as a currency that can be settled with them bills. These include Amazon, eBay, Victoria’s secret or Sears or Dell.

It is also known that there are many such casinos in the online casino market that consider Bitcoin as the currency in force there. So you do not have to use real money in them to play poker or bet in sports betting. Moreover, it has been shown that a very large part of transactions related to gambling in casinos was implemented with the help of bitcoins.

What is a bitcoin mine?

It is a process in which transactions carried out in digital currencies are processed and thoroughly checked by the bitcoin network. This process ensures by transaction verification that it has been settled by means of authentic bitcoins.

Thanks to this, the network itself protects itself against the actions of users acting to its detriment through dishonest raising of funds, products or services.

For so-called miners have been granted a reward for the fact that they deal with the verification of transactions carried out. Each of them receives for their work 25 fresh bitcoins. In order to receive them, they must do a tedious job of checking the bitcoins occurring in the entire transaction chain. The one that has been blocked is placed in a special, closed zone.

Users can try to enter it by trying to solve math problems, which are solved by “miners” using special software that they use in their work. At the beginning, the task solution was possible from any possible computer.

With time, they came to the conclusion that another equipment is needed for this process. So we started using CPU and GPU equipment. The mines have evolved since then. The software has become ASIC and FGPA class solutions.

Since then, bitcoins have been extracted from pools, where problems to be solved are divided into groups. Thanks to this the whole process is completed much more effectively. Mines offer their users not only the acquisition of bitcoins. They also make it remain decentralized and independent.

Thanks to this, it will be a secure form of payment all the time.