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Today, every serious online casino offers optimized casino apps for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). However, the main Android app store, Google Play has so far not allowed them. It looks like it’s changing now.

Android or iOS

The most in-progress part of online casinos is a mess of mobile apps. More and more people use the services and games of online casinos through their smartphone. At the same time, more and more independent mobile casino applications are being developed.

Online casinos, of course, offer both iOS (iphone, ipad) and Android versions of mobile devices.
With the iOS version, there was no problem, Apple Store has been offering real money casino apps for quite some time now. However, for Android users it has not been possible so far. Finally, somewhere, Google Play can not afford to give this segment completely to Apple users and is in a positive direction.

Under Google Play terms of use, it was clearly laid down: “We do not allow content services that allow online casino games, sports betting, lotteries, etc.”. The reason for this was that the age of the users can not be fully trusted, that is to say, to prevent them from playing under the age of 18.

However, there are no such terms in Apple’s terms of use, they can cheerfully download mobile casino apps to iphone / ipad. For example, in England, many of these mobile casino apps are at the top of the download list.

Google also comes to play

A well-known English mobile casino app developer, Degree 53, announced that they have completed a development that will enable online casinos to match their mobile apps to the Google Play Terms of Use.

The development will help you determine the age of your users and the country you want to use the service. Mobile app owners will only be able to distribute their apps in countries where online gambling is legally regulated, ie online casinos have licenses.

From August, mobile apps can be submitted to sign up for Google Play Android App Store, albeit only for apps developed for English, French, and Irish users. Google will continue to extend the availability of apps to the rest of the EU country, but it is likely that only users of countries will have the chance to spend apps in which the law has been enforced.

Btc mobile casinos

For this reason, bitcoin android casino enthusiasts may again be shorter, as the European government has adopted a law that monopolized both offline and online (and mobile) casino markets.

The law against the principles of the European Union was challenged by the European Court of Justice, the lawsuit was won and the European Court of Justice ruled that the law of the European Government was contrary to the EU Basic Law and obliged it to amend it in accordance with EU Basic Law . European government, of course, does not hesitate to transpose the law.

But what. bitcoin casinos online hope that it will change soon, because the bigger the supply for us is. I would not like to drink Traubisoda alone.