What we need to keep in mind:

Casinos are fun and fun for most of us.

Always keep in mind that with casino games you can win pretty sums, but you can also lose money. For this reason, it is important to determine in advance exactly how much money you are willing or willing to spend for the casino.

Calculate for yourself, daily, weekly, and monthly limits that you will not exceed in any circumstances. Every night you can go out on time, whether you’re winning or losing.

Do not look at casinos as an exclusive earning opportunity – this is a fun genre that costs money (like any other entertainment, such as watching movies, watching beer or watching a football game). In the case of the casino, it is only a special bonus that is included in the deck so that we can make a profit (in some cases even with so much money) (this can not be the case with beer or football games, right!)

If it turns out to be losing, do not try to recover your lost money by going through the predetermined daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Be wise, accept that you have lost this time and will play next time with other tactics and you will have more luck.

Play and keep your cool!

The basic thing is that playing the casino is fun, play that we control ourselves all the time. Take care from the very beginning to avoid being suspicious, not losing it, or winning it.

The signs of addiction are often very difficult to observe for ourselves and for another person. One is inclined to deny his own problems or bagatize them. Even before our family, friends, and loved ones, we cover our problems, believe them or are ashamed, or want to keep the “all right” appearance.

Gambling addiction is often a symptom of another, more hidden, deeper mental problem. Gambling may be a way of escape to confront another problem. It may be that the motives of action are so subconscious that the person is unaware of the real problem and the consequences. It is therefore important that we try to perceive ourselves or our loved ones at the earliest stage if there is trouble. At later stages, both the recognition and the treatment can become more difficult and complicated.

We do not underline the importance of early detection of such behavior even before the addiction complications could exert their negative impact. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease are not as physical symptoms as in their financial and social implications.

We do not want to dramatize it, because most of us can play without problems and happily make bets without the hassle of doing so. What’s more important, however, is that as little as possible can help us with the few bug reports. Fortunately, online casino sites are now regulated through various international organizations in this regard as well.

1. Set up a payment limit

Today, all decent online casinos – which are regulated – are required to offer their customers a so-called deposit limit option. Adjust your daily, weekly, and monthly limits to your earnings, taking into account your fixed income. Remember, the needs of the family, including the child, are the first, never risking them at risk. (Of course, in the event of an opposing case, if you win big, do not forget about their indulgence, but at the same time it is a lot more gift for the child, the couple, the family if you take them for a surprise vacation rather than taking another smartphone or computer (k).

2. Self-exclusion

If you go in the wrong direction and you feel it hard to stop the game and you are at the expense of your own and your loved ones, take a big breath, be wise and use self-exclusion, which is again a legally required option every online casino has to offer. Self-exclusion can usually be set for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or 6 months. If you enter one of these options, you have been excluded from that online casino for that period, so you can not enter the player’s account before the set time expires.

3. Blocking gambling sites

If there is a bigger problem, and you may find that if you use the self-exclusion option, you start signing up for other casinos, you may want to download programs to block gambling sites. The best known is betfilter.com but you know it is a paid service. The other is the Optenet PC Web Filter, which can be downloaded free of charge to our knowledge.